Linux is awesome in the sense that any and all kinds of software you’d ever need, is available for free – legally. It’s easy to see why people are so fond of it, because it’s an amazing experience.

Until you need to install new hardware, that is. A graphics card or, in this case, a TV tuner card. Then all hell breaks loose.tuner

In Windows, you would install the hardware and power on the computer. Windows then figures out the rest on its own. Worst case, you’ll have to pop in the CD and it auto-runs the installer. Done.

In Linux, you’re suddenly buried in BUILD, MAKE, MAKE INSTALL, DMESG|GREP, LSPCI -VVNN, CAT SYSLOG and other user-friendly and self-explanatory commands. And this is in the fortunate case when Linux drivers even exist for the hardware…

I have doubts whether I will ever get this card working. On Linux, that is.

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