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I’m officially no longer wise

Don’t worry, this is not your average dentist horror story — on the contrary!

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Several months ago I met a guy at work who studies Scandinavistic, and he learned Swedish. Ever since, we’ve met once a month to eat and chat – in Swedish of course. This is fabulous practice for both of us … Continue reading

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It’s weird sometimes. I sometimes feel like this twenty-something cosmopolitan guy with a sweet girlfriend and a taste for crazy board games, sci-fi movies, and submarine novels. Life is fun. But I’m also nearing forty, married, a father of a … Continue reading

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Find me on Google+

Google+ is the new social network that everybody is talking about. Well, maybe not everybody but at least the entire tech press. They are limiting the new user registrations for now, but I have gained access and it looks nice! … Continue reading

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I’m leaving Facebook because they don’t let me control my information

Enough is enough. This article in Wired is but one in a sea of cries against Facebook, and they’ve all got a very good point: Facebook is actively undermining the privacy of the users, but we users should be able … Continue reading

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